20 unspoiled beaches of Vietnam cannot miss

  Let us take a look around 20 wild beaches of Vietnam that you definitely cannot ignore in your travelling!
Vietnam already has many famous beaches and is ranked by many international travel magazines in the world's most beautiful beaches. However, there are still many pristine beaches to know for many reasons. This may be due to the complex geographic location or safety issues for tourists, which have not been fully exploited.
1.Men Beach - Nam Du: The most beautiful beach in Nam Du Island with fine sand, clear blue water and green coconut trees. There is also a rich reef with many colourful fish.
2. The Star Beach - Phu Quoc: It is considered as the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc, sand beach in Sao beach does not have the yellow colour as Nha Trang beach, or gold is dark brown to Vung Tau beach, but pure white and smooth like ice cream. The Star Beach is located in the gentle arms of two gentle mountains offering quiet space and fresh climate for visitors.

Sao Beach is one of the most impressive attractions in Phu Quoc.
Sao Beach is one of the most impressive attractions in Phu Quoc.
3.Truong Beach- Phu Quoc: Truong Beach is located on Tran Hung Dao Street, which runs along the south west beach.  Truong Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Duong To. It is called Truong Beach because the beach stretches about 20 kilometers from Dinh Cau cape to Hang Tau. Truong Beach is divided into several sections, connected by rocky rapids, green trees and fishing villages hidden in the air. Not to say, this beach is the place where watching the sun go down the most beautiful beach in Vietnam.
4. Dam Trau Beach - Con Dao: Dam Trau Beach has been described as a yellow silk strip across the green carpet, half crossing the forest half empty on the sea. It has a cliff standing up to the majestic mountains, a gentle sloping stone to the edge of the water as welcoming friendly. The majestic impression of the mountain, the deep feeling of the sea and endless green is the source of inspiration for anyone who comes to this place even the most difficult visitors must feel soft.
5. Chieu Duong Bay - Phu Quy: The Chieu Duong Bay is a popular place for many locals and visitors alike, with its flat and wide sandy beaches, clear blue water, a shady forest with a shadow. Afternoon in the Chieu Duong Bay is the most appropriate time to immerse yourself in the blue sea in the cool, the waves pounding on the person to create a pleasant feeling, extremely comfortable.

Trieu Duong bay is famous for its pure blue water
Trieu Duong bay is famous for its pure blue water
6.Tram Beach- Mui Dinh: Mui Dinh will fascinate you right from the first time by clear water in the bottom. Because it is a small bay so the beach is curved semicircle, waves very calm and crystal clear. At present, there is nothing else but to lie to the sea and enjoy the best things that the sea brings about. You can go to the bath until the dark is up.
7. Soft Water Beach - Binh Hung is a beach with the sea outside and inside is a cave with fresh water. The sea is said to be the most beautiful in the Tu Binh with crystal clear water, fine white sand beside the unique rock formations, even you can see the creatures swimming under the water very interesting.
8. Sa Huynh beach - Binh Ba: To get to this beach must go out quite far from the beach because it is another small island. Sa Huynh beach is a long white sand beach, blue water, if you do not locate the space you will think like one of the most beautiful beaches in the planet West.
9. Dai Lanh Beach - Khanh Hoa Province: The scenery in Dai Lanh is very beautiful thanks to nature. It offers a long white sand beach that is far and wide so it can swim far away. The pristine beach is clean and next to it is a source of fresh water flowing to the sea all year round. Dai Lanh beach is beautiful, but few visitors come here to visit and bathe because there is not a place to invest in carefully, but it is the interest of lovers of beauty and tranquility. 

Dai Lanh sea - the attraction from pristine
Dai Lanh sea - the attraction from pristine
10.Mon Beach - Phu Yen: Mon Beach brings a wild beauty with a smooth sandy beach, stretching slowly and then drowning in the clear blue water jade. Interestingly, the west beach also has a fresh water stream, flowing through the beach and then poured water into the sea, the fresh water here is very cool and cool, creating a more attractive landscape. 
11.Nom Beach - Phu Yen: Nom Beach in Phu Yen has a strange attraction, especially for backpackers. This place has the advantage of beautiful natural scenery, the beach is very clean. Standing far from beach, visitors will admire the ideal beach space is the ring of stone mountains hugging message to embrace. Coming to Nom beach, visitors are more infatuated, enjoying the feeling of buried feet under the smooth white sand, and then let the powerful waves pounding the shore rolls away footprints.
12. Ky Co Beach - Quy Nhon: Located 25 km from Quy Nhon city, Ky Co is located in Nhon Ly island commune. It is unspoilt and unspoilt. Water colour, sand colour and sky help Ky Co as beautiful natural painting. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

13. An Binh Island Beach: Ly Son Island is small, but has a beautiful beach with fine white sand, surrounded by high cliffs, and white foam waves eroded day and night.

Escape via speedboat to the beautiful Cham Islands
Escape via speedboat to the beautiful Cham Islands
14. The North Beach - Cu Lao Cham: The north beach is located to the north of Cu Lao Cham, this area is very beautiful beach. This beach was newly exploited later (there is now a road opened from Ong Beach to Bac Beach). Currently Bac Beach also attracts a number of tour stops.
15. The South Beach - Son Tra Peninsula: The South Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of the Son Tra peninsula resort, where Son Tra 4 stars resort & spa. If you look from My Khe beach, you will see the Nam beach in the distance. At the beach of the South beach, away from the shore of a few hundred meters is a very beautiful coral reefs, coral diving activities usually take place here.
16. Lang Co Beach - Hue: The pristine Lang Co beach with long white sand, gradually into the blue water colour jade. The bathing season here from April to the end of July with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, is ideal for sea lovers.
17. Nhat Le beach - Dong Hoi: Coming to Nhat Le beach, you will feel the scenery here is very beautiful, charming and charming. Nhat Binh beach in Quang Binh has golden sand beaches under the blue forest with many beautiful beaches, sparkling jade water and not polluted.

Nhat Le Beach owns a long white sand, clear water
Nhat Le Beach owns a long white sand, clear water
18. Cat Dua 2 Beach - Lan Ha Bay: The Beach is located on the right hand behind the tiger-shaped mountain. The beach has a garden of several hundred m2 with plants such as wild pineapple, maple trees, white apple trees and many different birds. If you like exploring, you can climb up halfway up the mountain, even up to the top of the mountain to view the panoramic view of the Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of large islands rising in the clear blue water. Spread the fine white sand out of sight.
19.The Small Co To Beach: This place is not inhabited, far away from the central island so the beaches on Co To Island are very wild. After diving in the clear water, visitors can pick up the shell colour as a souvenir for the trip. In this picture, it is very romantic sunrise on Co To island with thousands of birds flying in the early sun.
20. Minh Chau Beach - Quan Lan beach: Located on Quan Lan island, Minh Chau beach attracts visitors with white stretches of sand, fresh air, pristine almost intact, where there is always a special attraction. For those who want to get away from urban sprawl and enjoy the beautiful moment with nature.

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