45 wonderful things you must try on when travelling to Phu Quoc

  Not to be known as the island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc tourism today has a lot of experience from relaxation to explore, explore or venture. Phu Quoc Island is definitely a place where you can travel many times without being bored.
1. Watching Dinh Cau sunset: There is no better place to watch beautiful sunset than Dinh Cau Bridge. It would not describe the beauty of it. Only when you witnessed the sun gradually dive into the sea, you know how much peace of mind.
2. Check-in stream Tranh: From June to September, there are many streams. The entrance fee is about 10,000 VND / person. In Tranh stream, the water is very cool and clear. On the way to the upstream, you will encounter a large cavity and can bathe here.
3. Waving in the beach Sao: This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, where the white sand curves smooth curves shape the moon longer than 7 km. Sao beach is extremely famous for its coconut groves stretching along the coastline, fine white sand to enchanting.

Bai Khem beach is breathtaking in its beauty
Bai Khem beach is breathtaking in its beauty
4. Bai Khem Wilderness: Currently the JW Marriott Resort has bought this beach so the only way to experience the beauty of Khem Beach is no other way to become a resort guest. JW Marriott Phu Quoc is known for its architecture that can be said to be the most beautiful pearl island.
5. Enjoying the peace at Ong Lang beach: The beach is located in the north of the island. This beach is quite remote from the center and is located in the resort but quite beautiful, rocky, positive and peaceful.
6. Spraying in Ho Quoc Pagoda: This is a new pagoda inaugurated near the town of An Thoi, overlooking the beach is more tourists to visit Phu Quoc tourism.
7. Buying souvenirs at Dinh Cau night market: The market operates in the late afternoon. There are a lot of seafood to souvenirs or gifts. If you like to bring something to celebrate, you can choose a small gift here with not too expensive price.

Phu Quoc night market is one of the attractions can not be missed
Phu Quoc night market is one of the attractions can not be missed
8. Check-in Rory Beach Bar: Upon arrival at Rory's Beach Bar, you will surely be attracted by the small space, close to nature, harmony with nature, as well as decorations with eye catching
9. Seeing the sunrise in Ham Ninh: Located in the East of the island, Ham Ninh is the first floating village to welcome the first dawn in Phu Quoc. The life of Ham Ninh fishing village people starts very early, recording the moments of everyday life, the pictures of you will be lively and close, bearing the breath of life.
10. Check-in the longest port: It is a bridge about 600m long from the shore, Ham Ninh bridge where anchor fishing boats. The pier looks out to sea so long that you will have the feeling of going forever without coming.
11. Check-in Nail Island: Located south of the island, Hon Tay Island brings a romantic beauty with shady green beaches and white sand under coconut trees. Traveling to Phu Quoc Island without check-in is a very big Nail Island.

Rock Sunset Island Bar is located on a private island located in northwestern Phu Quoc
Rock Sunset Island Bar is located on a private island located in northwestern Phu Quoc
12. Seeing the sunset on the Rock Sunset Island Bar: Nam Nghi Resort, Rock Island, the Sunset Island Bar is nestled on the north island of the island, offering 360 degree views of the surrounding ocean, watching the sunset on the most beautiful sea in Vietnam
13. Mud bath in Galina: With 21 mud pools and 19 luxury spa rooms, Galina will make your stay more enjoyable with the feeling of floating in the smooth mud, warm, enjoying the breeze near fresh sea and see the blue sky stretching to the horizon.
14. Staying in the most beautiful resorts: Phu Quoc does not lack the beautiful resort to fascinate. There are many beautifully designed resorts such as JW Marriott, Nam Nghi, Novotel, Vinpearl, Fusion, The Shell, La Veranda, Salinda, Mango Bay, Mercury, Mango Beach and so on.
15. Sipping cafe: After a day of exploring the Pearl Islands, it is better to choose a corner cafe in the center of Duong Dong to feel the taste of the island. The cold night in Phu Quoc will make you a little surprised. You can find such as: Leaf, I Love Phu Quoc, Sea Street, Hello and so on.

Enjoy the delicious coffee in Phu Quoc
Enjoy the delicious coffee in Phu Quoc
16. Enjoying foreign cuisine: Phu Quoc offers not only specialties but also authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Pizza with Regina, Indian with Ganesh, Spanish with Itaca and so on.
17. Homestay: Phu Quoc Homestay with the design just raised a picture is right there. Do not think homestay is inconvenient, difficult. With homestay like 88 Hilltop, 9 Station, Peace House, you will enjoy the holiday as well as the resort when traveling to Phu Quoc.
18. Duong Dong Market: The busy market area from the early morning with all sorts of boat boats with fruits and seafood on. The everyday life of the people on the island is reflected through this market.
19. Distinguishing types of pepper: Phu Quoc pepper is famous for its pungent aroma, which is more intense than those grown in other countries. You can buy some dried pepper as a gift to relatives. The pepper grade 1 is 250,000 VND / kg.
20. Sim Drinking: Come to Phu Quoc sim garden, besides visiting sim garden, guide how to get honey, you also enjoy sim wine or sim free.

Sim  wine has a special taste equally delicious wines a public exchange
Sim  wine has a special taste equally delicious wines a public exchange
21. Enjoy Ham Ninh crabs: Fishing village about 15km from Duong Dong town, you can ride motorbike along the road along the new airport of Phu Quoc. Fishing village is quite simple, if visitors want to learn the culture or way of life of the fishing people can visit here. The main occupation of the village is the diving of pearls, sea cucumbers (grenades) and netting crabs.
22. Visiting the Source: This is the 9th private museum in Vietnam, with over 3,000 antiquities, including 300 copies of Phu Quoc by Chinese, Vietnamese, English and French. Besides, there are silk-screened areas; marine snail industry; souvenir, pearl; traditional stilt house in rural Phu Quoc; dog and eagle reserve.
23. Learning about coconut tree house: Visiting the prison site to witness the artifacts left here, you will see more clearly the patriotism of our people as well as understand the history of the people as well as Vietnamese family.
24. Learning about the process of culturing pearls: Phu Quoc has the two most famous farms are Phu Quoc Pearls and Ngoc Hien. Both camps are located on Long beach. Here, you will be guided on the process of culturing pearls and there is a showroom displaying pearl products for those who want to buy as gifts.

25. Visiting Nguyen Trung Truc temple: The temple was built by the people of Phu Quoc to commemorate the hero who made merit to the nation, to the people. Every year on 28/8 lunar people in Phu Quoc back here to his death.

A traditional fish sauce factory in Phu Quoc

A traditional fish sauce factory in Phu Quoc 
26. Learning about the process of making fish sauce: Phu Quoc has many barrels of fish sauce in operation. Every year the barrels are produced hundreds of thousands of liters of fish sauce finished products under the process of making fish sauce than 100 years of the island. You can order to Saigon. In addition, dried seafood products are also available here.
27. Visiting Vinpearl Safari: Stretching on a large area with abundant vegetation system, Vinpearl Safari meets the strict demands of the Safari model. You will experience the discovery of Vinpearl Safari by car in a very interesting way, "captive, animal free."
28. Check-in to the South: Cape Ong Doi is where you can watch the sunrise and dive in the same place. The lush landscape with its unique shape, fine white sand, majestic rocky slopes, rolling hills with wide view offers an unparalleled experience of a sea paradise like Phu Quoc.
29. Learning about the history of the fairy well: The freshwater well is close to the coast but never salty or shallow. According to local people, Fairy Well is closely associated with many historical legends.

Duong Dong Lake is Phu Quoc's largest lake and fresh water reservoir
Duong Dong Lake is Phu Quoc's largest lake and fresh water reservoir
30. Check-in Duong Dong Lake: This is a freshwater lake for Duong Dong town. If you are lucky and have, you will have virtual live photos at the dam of Duong Dong Lake. Although very large and beautiful, however, this area is managed so often closed throughout, no visitors.
31. Bathing Fairy stream bath: The Fairy Stream attracts all visitors by beautiful natural scenery, fresh air and very pristine. The lake here is clear and cool, so many visitors take a bath in the stream, enjoy swimming in the middle of cool lake dispel tired, can put back to the waterfall to cool water away from the back is great. .
32. Eating chicken porridge on the Da Ban stream: As the name suggests, the stream has quite a lot of rocks, large, flowing water not too tight. This is where many young people choose to picnic weekends. You can bring food to climb the stream and enjoy it on the rocks or you can ask the manager of the broiler chicken, the target and bring it up for you.
33. Discovering Ganh Dau Cape: The Cape of the North Sea attracts visitors by pristine wilderness. Ganh Dau has a bow-shaped beach stretching 500 m, clear sea water with smooth sand, small waves. From here, you can visit the anchorages on the coastal road.
34. Diving coral reefs on the An Thoi archipelago: You can rent boats to the islands for fishing and snorkeling or buy a day tour with an average price of 250,000 VND per person. The coral in the An Thoi archipelago is diverse and extensive, most of which are in May Rut Islet, Hon Dam Island.

Discover the natural beauty of the An Thoi Archipelago
Discover the natural beauty of the An Thoi Archipelago
35. Night fishing: This experience is not for those who are seasick because the boat to the sea at one time will anchor a long time to squid so the feeling of surfing due to waves is easy to see. Frequent squid tour will go around in the evening. You will be handled by the owner of the dish just to catch the right to eat on board. If you can bring a small speaker or a guitar then you should.
36. Check-in Hon Mot: Hon Island is located in the North East of Phu Quoc Island. Covering all over Hon Mot is a rich flora with perennial green forest shading into beautiful shapes, as if you are lost in a fairy forest.
37. Eating seafood in Rach Vem fishing village: The scenery of fishing village as a harmony of nature, a little colour of the sea, some colour of the sky, more cool of the wind will make you comfortable. And the owner of the house will take you off the mainland by fishing net or you can go through the wooden bridge over the long smoked. Rach Vem is the ideal place for you to enjoy fresh seafood at extremely low prices.
38. Discovering Rach Tram River: To discover the Rach Tram River, you have to take a boat from the estuary. The pristine forest from the shore shines down the river. Near the coast is the deep green forest and rocky mountain ranges, vertical walls look like the gate to keep the upstream.
39. Camping on May Rut: Coming here, you can freely go to the garden picking mussels, picking coconut, bathing in the sea or on the wings of the hammock with wind and surf surface under the foot. When you are tired, you can leave. Or if you do not want, you can be overnight on the island.
40. Overnight at Hon Dam Island Hideaway: This is a new homestay location in Phu Quoc. Sleeping in a house on stilts on a small island in the middle of the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, endless hours at night, the feeling of the sea is close and always open arms embrace us.
Rach Tram fishing village is an ideal tourist destination with beautiful and unspoiled scenery
Rach Tram fishing village is an ideal tourist destination with beautiful and unspoiled scenery
41. Trying on funny noodle: A special specialties on the island is the bun dish of Krungsri. Here, you will be surprised when the scene is not unique: customers do everything themselves. And you have to witness the process of making noodles, you will answer the reason why this dish is called bun noodle.

42. Finding streams of rocks: abundant water, scenery, from November to April is the ideal time to visit the stream with no different in the Central Highlands. However, this stream has long been untroubled by the danger of it.
43. Motorcycle riding through the forest: Located on the Ham Rong, Ganh Dau and Cua Can mountains, the island's green lungs contain many rare species of plants with a red soil trail running zigzag. With a motorbike, you can explore the forest for several hours. The national park is famous for its picturesque landscapes and untouched beaches with no human silhouettes.
44. Check-in North: You drive about 30km from Duong Dong town to Rach Tram junction, 8km further on TL49 with red mudflats, elephant pits, mud holes in Rach Tram fishing village, continue 2km sandy road and trekking 1km coastline, swim over another small river to the cape Buffalo. The sea here is always a blue colour, white sand makes anyone see cannot believe his eyes. Especially, on the way along the beach to the North, you will encounter a tree grows on the rock out to sea very beautiful and remember not to miss the opportunity to live virtual photo offline.
Ham Ninh Mountains is ideal place for camping, hiking, exploring the wild forests
Ham Ninh Mountains is ideal place for camping, hiking, exploring the wild forests
45. Climbing: Phu Quoc has 99 different hills and mountains, but the most prominent is Mount Chua in the Ham Ninh Mountain, 603 m high. Although not the height of the scary but difficult to conquer the mountains that many people have to relieve the lack of trails, steep slopes, many dangerous plants. Tourists or local people cannot go on their own but must have the guidance of experienced people.

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