9 tourism cities you definitely cannot miss in April

 The summer is coming along with a series of travel festivities that will take place in April. Making sure you prepare at least one of the following destinations to enjoy a lively summer and lots of fun.

1. Phu Quoc

If you follow the regular tourist information, you will know that this year Kien Giang is honored to be selected as the host of the 2016 National Tourism Year - Phu Quoc - Mekong Delta with the theme "Discover South area". And on 9/4 here, in Phu Quoc will open the National Tourism Year 2016 with many activities to attract tourists to explore.

Phu Quoc travel is always the place to relax, visit, and discover the great ecology.
Phu Quoc travel is always the place to relax, visit, and discover the great ecology.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore the Park of Care and Conservation of animals Phuoc Vinpearl Safari on a regional scale of the model Safari world. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc has a total area of nearly 500 hectares, built in the semi-wild with rare species of animals in the world. You will see about 3,000 animal species of 150 endemic species from South Africa, Europe, Australia, USA such as Bengal tiger, Arabian antelope, horny horny antelope, black white lemur, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc also owns a collection of "rare" species of rare animals in Vietnam such as 200 flamingos, 100 rhinos, 60 giraffes.

2. Vung Tau

About 2.5 hours driving from Ho Chi Minh City center, Vung Tau is one of South Vietnam's favorite destinations, suitable for those who are busy, needing short breaks. Coming to Vung Tau you will feel calm, comfortable with spacious roads, airy. Under the blue sea, on the mountains, mountains, small pagodas and pure all create a charming Vung Tau. Some destinations in Vung Tau can be refered to: Ho May cable car, Duc lam beach, Vung Tau lighthouse, Ba island, Front beach, Back beach and so on.
Vung Tau also attracts visitors with bloody dog races, fresh seafood markets, famous pastries or bars, beer club all night serving all needs of visitors. During the day, you can walk with friends and relatives in the beach after a comfortable beach. In the evening, you will delight to explore the night market behind the Imperial Hotel, or go to the park for walking, sightseeing.

3. Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet tourists will be fascinated not only by the white sand beaches stretching endless, vast sand dunes or ancient pagodas but also overwhelmed with a series of hotels, beautiful resort to fascinated. The most popular places to visit in Phan Thiet are Mui Ne, sand dunes, Bau Trang, Ke Ga, Suoi Tien, Co Thach, Ta Cu, Phu Quy, Hon Rom, Poshanu Cham, Duc Thanh School and so on.

Phan Thiet is the ideal destination for short breaks.
Phan Thiet is the ideal destination for short breaks.
Not only delicious and varied, the snacks in Phan Thiet city are also quite soft. Including specialties such as fish salad apricot, noodles Quang Dang, crotch rolls, cakes, squid teeth, pancakes, cake asked pigs and so on.

4. Da Lat

At 1,500 meters above sea level, Dalat has cool weather and is an ideal resort in the South. The main attractions in Da Lat are not to be missed such as: Datanla Waterfall, Lang Biang Peak, Golden Stream, Love Valley, Cau Dat Tea Hill, Trai Mat. Only 300km from Da Lat, This is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.
It can be said, Dalat convergence cuisine three regions. This small city has many famous restaurants and nightclubs, such as the night market near Da Lat market with typical dishes such as: Grilled dishes, chicken breast, sliced, Quang noodles, cake Soap, soy milk, snails delicious. Dalat attracts tourists from natural landscapes to cuisine and cannot help but mention the mountainous coffee shops, which have long made the Dalat brand such as Tung coffee, Cung To Khieu, Da Lat's Night, Thuy Ta and so on.

5. Nha Trang

Every year, on the 20-3 of the lunar calendar (to be held on 26 - 29/4/2016), the Thap Ba festival will take place at the national historical-cultural monument of Ponagar tower, on Cu Lao hill, Vinh Phuoc city, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. Apart from Cham people in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces, there are also Kinh (Vietnamese) and other ethnic minorities in the central and central highland provinces of Da Nang and Quang Nam, Phu Yen, Dac Lac, Gia Lai, Lam Dong, Thua Thien-Hue. Participants bring gifts, pilgrimages to the Tower, sincerely express gratitude to a woman who has merit that teaches people how to do business, living by farming.

Nha Trang's beach is stunningly beautiful.
Nha Trang's beach is stunningly beautiful.

Nha Trang is home to one of the most beautiful bays in the world, along with hundreds of beautiful, large and small islands. At this point, you can not only get into the blue water of the bottom, but also participate in the sport of the sea full of excitement. Some interesting attractions in Nha Trang can be referenced as: Vinpearl Land, Hon Mun Island, Hon Tam, Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute, Ponagar Tower, Dai Lanh Beach, Dam Market and so on. Nha Trang is not only a lot of scenic, tourist island big but also treat guests delicious food such as fresh seafood, fish roll noodles, beef noodles, noodle soup noodles, Ninh Hoa noodle cake wet and so on.

6. Da Nang

Recently, Department of Foreign Affairs, Da Nang held a ceremony to receive 150 cherry blossoms (100 seedlings and 50 flowers) by Japan Association of Flower Exchange cherry. Accordingly, 100 saplings were planted in Asian parks and 50 stems arranged in the coming cherry blossom festival, promising to bring visitors a festive space filled with brilliant flowers. It is expected that on April 2 and 10, the cherry blossom festival will be held to introduce the beauty of flowers symbolizing the nobility and pride of the Japanese people.
This is also a chance for city people and tourists to learn about Japanese culture through traditional activities such as: cooking, tea ceremony, kimono costumes, origami art performances, Ikebana flower arrangement and so on.

7. Hue

With the theme "710 years of Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan - Thua Thien - Hue - cultural heritage with integration and development", the 9th Hue Festival will take place from 29/4 to 4/5/2016. The opening ceremony of the Hue Festival 2016 will take place on the evening of 29 April in Hue.

Hue is intimately connected to the imperial Nguyễn Dynasty
Hue is intimately connected to the imperial Nguyễn Dynasty
There are now 18 countries in France, Belgium, Russia, Britain, Denmark, Poland, Morocco, China, Korea, Japan, Israel, Sri Lanka, Australia, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Colombia officially confirmed participation. In particular, Hue Festival 2016 will focus on exploiting traditional cultural space, following the previous Festival. The city of Hue is set up as a stage for arts programs, cuisine, heritage discoveries and festivals.
Hue has many palaces, ancient tombs with unique architecture. The large Hue Citadel, you have to take a new discovery here. The beautiful tombs in Hue should include Khai Dinh tomb, Minh Mang tomb, Tomb Duc, Gia Long mausoleum and Nam Giao. This place also has a lot of famous dishes, delicious and cheap should be considered the ideal paradise of the "soul eat" such as beef noodle, vermicelli, rice mussel cake, filter cake and rice cake soup.
8. Ha Long
Not only in Da Nang, the Ha Long Cherry Blossom Festival 2016 will take place from March 18-23, 2004 at 30/10 Square (Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province) with the theme "Integration, Cooperation and Development ". The festival will introduce the image of china flowers and culture to the people of Quang Ninh and tourists; At the same time, promoting the tourism potential of Ha Long and Quang Ninh to the Japanese people. The festival contributes to promoting diplomatic relations and cooperation between Vietnam and Japan and at the same time enhances cooperation and investment promotion for tourism and trade between Vietnamese and Japanese enterprises.
Next, the Ha Long Carnival cannot be missed. Ha Long Carnaval has been held nine years and this is the third consecutive year was assigned to Ha Long City in April. Carnaval Halong 2016 will continue to maintain the model of performing music - dance on the stage combined Carnaval performances with flowers, dances and folk performances of ethnic groups, regions and cultural areas of the province on the street that is expected to attract more tourists to visit

Sapa is one of the leading tourist destinations in Vietnam.
Sapa is one of the leading tourist destinations in Vietnam.
9. Sapa
In early February, cable car to Fansipan peak inaugurated in the joy of many people. The cable car is 6.325 m long (one of the longest cable car in the world), the difference between the station and station is 1,410 m (largest in the world). This is also the first cable system in Asia and the cable car has the most complete rescue solution, in any case, the cable car is still running to take passengers to safety stations. Cable helps visitors shorten the Fansipan conquest time from 2 days to 15 minutes and bring beautiful views when viewed from above.
April is a beautiful time when it is not cloudy, easy to observe the nature when traveling from the cable car. Terraces in Sapa are in the water season, making the scenery even more spectacular. Not only the cable car, Sapa also brings a lot of majestic scenery from one of the four transcription peak of the North Pass: O Quy Ho Pass, villages with national characteristics such as Ta Phin, Ta Van and Lao Chai certain will bring visitors more interesting experience.

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