Coming back to Phu Quoc soon if you do not know 7 interesting places

  Out of the familiar destinations in Phu Quoc, you will find that there are so many interesting places that you may have never heard of.

Rory's Beach Bar

Located in an alley on Tran Hung Dao Street, Rory's Beach Bar is located close to the sea with beautiful decor space, especially this beautiful scenery.
As soon as you step into Rory's Beach Bar, you will definitely be attracted by the small space, close to pleasant, in harmony with nature, and the decorations are extremely eye-catching.

Rory's Beach Bar is located close to the sea with beautiful space
Rory's Beach Bar is located close to the sea with beautiful space
The beach bar is very romantic for you to enjoy the sea and sunset in the evening. The majority of Phu Quoc tourists are foreigners. The self service is main, you go to the counters order drinks and then find a seat. According to many visitors commented, the quality of food and drinks here is very good, corresponding to the price and presentation beautifully.
In addition to enjoying the food, drinks at the restaurant, here you can enjoy the open air space with the cool sea breeze and waves clapping. Especially, due to its proximity to the beach, Rory's Beach Bar is also often held extremely active party.

Northern Island: Mui Ganh Dau - Rach Vem fishing village

Phu Quoc Island has a bulge shape to the north, so exploring the North Island will take more time. Taking a day out to go all the way, but you will stop exploring many interesting places. The first stop is Ong Lang beach. The beach is beyond the flow of life, pristine and peaceful to strange. Getting back to Lang He beach, it is an opportunity for you to bathe in the blue sea of white sand and sun, to enjoy the breeze from the sea immense.
Traveling along the TL45 road will come to Vinpearl Land, Vinpearl Safari and Ganh Dau. Standing at the Ganh Dau cape, you will find the Cambodian mountains are quite close - just like not far from the long hand. On the sea looking at, Ganh Dau nose looks quite interesting that many people think it looks like the mouth of a giant fish.

Residents in the mouth of Ganh Dau is not much, the fishermen often stop after fishing trips off the coast, making Mui Ganh Oil become more bustling. Next to Ganh Oil is Vic, a small fishing village still pristine.
Located in the north of the island, Rach Vem is a relatively small fishing village, with 170 households, mainly fishing. From the mouth of Ganh Dau through Rach Vem fishing village about 15km along Suoi Cai - Ganh Dau. The scenery of the fishing village as a harmony of nature, the colour of the sea, the colour of the sky, more cool of the wind will make you extremely comfortable.

Ganh Dau is an extremely attractive and interesting destination.
Ganh Dau is an extremely attractive and interesting destination.

Quan Kuy building

Speaking of Phu Quoc cuisine, everyone just thinks of expensive seafood, however, those who have come to this island cannot forget the popular dish but it is difficult to resist the "bun".
Here, you will be surprised when the scene is not unique: customers do everything themselves. Many customers, customers know "want to eat rolled into the kitchen. Spices include salt, sugar, Phu Quoc pepper, sweet pepper, chilli, are available, guests come to the kitchen automatically to the sauce according to their taste. Cutting the chilli, chopped only one, but around the kitchen always have dozens of people waiting to stand, the one who picks up the other quickly cut up the air is always busy and fun.
The sauce was done, but the diners still cannot sit at the table, because they have to wait for the owner of the bun again. Since there are no waiters, diners have to line up to wait for their turn, otherwise they will not have the noodles to eat. And you have to witness the process of making noodles, you will answer the reason why this dish is called bun noodle. Fried shrimp, fish balls will be scattered around the bowl, then the noodles into the pan and water, stirred into a bowl of noodles "just blew and eat". The good thing about Kitchener is that it is good for shrimp and fish. The vermicelli is made at the shop.
Known as Krungsaray brewing is over 20 years old. Small, sloppy, no sign, address but delicious, it sounds. At 19:00 pm every morning, the owner of the new restaurant sells goods, but new 18.30 pm guests have been seated to sit in front of fear of the place.
Direction: From Duong Dong Market, you go straight to Tran Phu Street, cross Tran Phu - Cach Mang Thang 8 street about 500m, meet Gia An Pharmacy, turn into the alley next to the drugstore about 200m to the place.
Ngam Ngang Island is one of the 4 most beautiful uninhabited islands.

Hon Dam Island Hideaway 

Being a desert island located in An Thoi archipelago south of Phu Quoc Island, Hon Dam possesses a very diverse marine life with sea anemones, sea cucumbers and a variety of colourful fish. Because the rock is mostly covered with rocks, it can be said that there are many coral reefs left in the few islands around Phu Quoc. It is because of such characteristics that during the past, the island is not exploited as other places for tourists. There is no home or any other service.
Hon Dam Island Hideaway is a homestay designed to bring you the ultimate bliss with nature but still have moments of relaxation. There are 4 bungalows with 16 beds in common room on the floor. The special feature of the bungalows here is that there is no door, only a thin bamboo screen to separate the space in the room with the outside. Therefore, you can see the sea at any time, even when laid back on the bed to prepare to sleep.
As there is only one homestay island, this place will provide you with meals every day. The food is bought every morning, because there is no refrigerator so buy the day will be used processing that day. The dishes that you should try when coming to homestay are raw herring, steamed squid, mackerel, sour soup and other seafood.
How to go to Hon Dam Island Hideaway: from Duong Dong town, you go to An Thoi fishing port and catch the boat to Hon Dat island. Or call 091 691 3838 (Mr.Tú) to pick you up. If only to visit the island, you will pay 100,000 service fees including fresh water hammocks, hammocks, bathing and so on.

Tranh Stream

Tranh Stream is the most impressive place in Phu Quoc
Tranh Stream is the most impressive place in Phu Quoc
 Located about 10 km from Duong Dong town, Tranh stream is a branch originating from Ham Ninh mountain and formed by small streams of murmuring.
The natural landscape in Tranh strean is very harmonious, it is the harmony between small waterfalls calm water, clear water, clear the foliage on the top, alternating the foliage is the orchid branch beautiful forest. All of them make a picture of beautiful scenery, the name Tranh spring also from that formed.

Coming to Tranh Stream, visitors can spoil for walks on narrow trails, at the foot of soft vegetation, the two sides are flowers fragrant grass, butterflies flying and the atmosphere is extremely heal
From Duong Dong, you can rent a motorbike, follow the road 30th April heading to Ham Ninh, then follow TL47 to Tranh stream.

Nail Island

Located in the south of Phu Quoc, Hon Tay is a romantic island with crystal clear turquoise shores and white sands under coconut trees. This is an island of absolute pristine beauty, because no inhabitants live and there is no interference of convenient services from the land.
This is the area that Phu Quoc travellers love to explore is very much. Here, in addition to outdoor activities such as camping, swimming or going in to explore the wild nature, an experience that you cannot ignore is the view of coral reef ecosystem.
 Cua Can Village is a unique place with quiet beaches and rustic architecture.
Cua Can Village is a unique place with quiet beaches and rustic architecture.

Cua Can fishing village

Located in the north and about 14 km from Duong Dong town, a few kilometers from Cua Lang beach is Cua Can fishing village. There are many wooden bridges that allow pedestrians and motorcyclists to pass. Although the fishing village is small, it still has some places to provide refreshments and relax on the side of the road before heading to the secluded beaches in the north of the island. At the southern end of the village there is also a gas station.
If you want to find more adventurous adventure, try convincing a native ship owner to take you to Cua Can River. It is one of the great ways to explore the daily life of river-dwellers or watch the great fishing boats return after many days of off-shore fishing. In Cua Can village there is a beautiful but isolated sand dunes in the north of the village. You can see it from the coastal road going north to Ganh Dau and Long beach.

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