Love and nostalgia Phu Quoc in rainy days

  As a son of midland, the sea for me is no stranger. But I still want to go a long way, to the land that I always dreamed of - Phu Quoc, pearl island peace. On the first day, I am present at Tan Son Nhat Airport at about 12.30 am to make the procedure for flight 2.30 pm to Phu Quoc. More than 3.00 pm, I'm here.
Phu Quoc greeted me with a sudden light rain of summer, making me imagine the feelings of a girlfriend long time return.
Heard that there are so many specialties but I decided to leave the next day. First evening, I made an appointment with a group of friends to work here. At 7.00 pm, we meet at the famous 343 food stalls, delicious and cheap. At this time it was still raining outside, as if I wanted to save more memories.
Trying to play the night market, there are many restaurants with fresh seafood, including cafe bar and pubs such as West Bui Saigon Institute, souvenirs, seafood or peanuts, can buy as gift

 Sao Beach is the most famous sight on Phu Quoc
Sao Beach is the most famous sight on Phu Quoc
The second day: In the morning, we get up early to enjoy the warm sunshine through two window frames shining on the bed. Today we went to Sao Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, by motorbike, which I hired to help hotel staff. Bai Sao is 25 km from the hotel.
Unbelievable! I have been to many beaches, but have to admit that the water here is green in the clear, white sand as crystal-clear, smooth. How wonderful!
Just close your eyes and imagine the days of sunshine. You sit here, in the midst of freshly inspired tropical space, listening to the waves, the wind blowing, the dance to dance music is great.
We returned 11.00 am just to go with the delegation to visit the famous place. First stop for lunch at Le Giang restaurant.

Standing at Dinh Cau Temple, visitors can hear the sea breeze blowing
Standing at Dinh Cau Temple, visitors can hear the sea breeze blowing
After eating well, at this early afternoon, people also take rest. It still rained like the tears of an angry girlfriend, then suddenly sunshine. It would be nice to help me catch a glimpse of the Pearl Islands.
The first sight in this afternoon is Dinh Cau - a small shrine of Phu Quoc Island fishermen worshiping Ong Ong. This is the place is known as the ideal sunrise and sunset in Phu Quoc.
Outside of Dinh Cau, there are many beautiful virtual cliffs. I see the blue sea stretching, the first silver wave racing on the shore. Looks like today the sea dynamic. The sea is sad or just the characteristic of the sea just noisy and quiet?
Sim garden is a definite destination not to be missed when coming to Phu Quoc, because here we not only visit the sim garden but also guide how to pick sim and enjoy wine, men's siro sim free.
Ham Ninh village is renowned for peaceful daily life of local fishermen.
Ham Ninh village is renowned for peaceful daily life of local fishermen.
And then it was afternoon, we moved to visit Ham Ninh fishing village long time. While walking, I saw an old lady below me (I guess she was over 80 years old) soaked herself under water for snail sale. We bought her support not because of hammer but because of more injury. We visit and sit in a nearby raft to enjoy the specialties here.
In the picture there are scallops scrambled grilled green onions. In addition, there are many dishes prepared from fresh seafood, ensuring food is addictive. Nearly 6.00 pm, we ended up long day here, boarding and back to hotel.
The next morning, we wake up early, eat breakfast and go to Duong Dong market to visit, choose to buy some things as gifts. Fish is sold a lot, fresh delicious.

Duong Dong Market is the largest market in Phu Quoc
Duong Dong Market is the largest market in Phu Quoc
Before returning to the airport, we stopped by the bee farm, witnessing the way we feed and collect honey. Bees are raised in small boxes in the garden of rambutan and durian. There was a small note that the staff here reminded us that we were always wearing a mesh cap to ensure safety while watching the bees.
Who wants to buy honey will be directly witnessed the process of collecting honey. Also here are also selling a lot of products made from honey is very delicious.
Leaving Phu Quoc in Ho Chi Minh City, my heart does not want to leave the Pearl Islands.

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