Rach Tram fishing village and exploring the northernmost island of Phu Quoc

  Although Phu Quoc has invested a lot of tourism services today, yet there are some secluded places that have the beauty of a wild nature such as Rach Tram fishing village and the Cape of Capricorn - the northernmost pearl island.
Being the largest island in Vietnam with a total area of nearly 600 km², Phu Quoc has long been popular with many tourists and sought by the majestic from the vast forests to the charming white sandy beaches.
Lying buffalo cape
The cape is located less than 40km from Duong Dong center. You drive about 30km from Duong Dong town to Rach Tram junction, go 8km further on TL49 with red mudflats, elephant pits, mud holes in Rach Tram fishing village, run 2km sandy road and trekking 1km road beach, swim through a small river to the nose.

Rach Tram Fishing Village is located north of Phu Quoc Island
Rach Tram Fishing Village is located north of Phu Quoc Island
Although it may sound difficult, but the scene along the way will help you forget all the difficulties are experiencing. The North Island is the Phu Quoc primary forest reserve, so when you come here you should not be surprised when on the island that forever seen around the forest is dense. That is what makes your North Conquest journey extremely special. Melaleuca trees stand along the way, roots of the island, clusters of orchids at your fingertips, or straight lines of coconut to welcome the cool sea breeze to the face are what you will see on this road.
Inspite of being in the rainy season, the sea here is a characteristic blue, white sand makes anyone see cannot believe his eyes. According to the local people, Phu Quoc has only two beaches with white sand, one is Sao beach and the second beach is in the head of Trau Lac. Especially, on the way to the beach to the North, you will find a tree grows on the rocks stretching out to the sea very beautiful and remember not to overlook the opportunity to take virtual live photo offline.
The GPS coordinates of the north pole are 10.452596, 103.994882. Close to this location, your phone will automatically roam through Cambodia and of course you can easily see the Bokor Plateau, Krong Kampot very clear from afar. Feeling like the sea is only a large lake and only a small boat you can go to Cambodia at any time.
Remembering the road from Rach Tram crossing to the cape is very poor. There is no restaurant so you must prepare to bring water and snacks.

Rach Tram fishing village still retains its original features
Rach Tram fishing village still retains its original features
Rach Tram fishing village
Located on the far northernmost of Phu Quoc Island, Rach Tram fishing village is almost completely separate from everything outside. Previously, when the transport system on the island has not developed, to Rach Tram is the fastest way to train. You will not be lost in the labyrinth of sand, forest road interlaced. Now the roads are much more open, but this place is not for the faint-hearted. Not to mention, if the rain falls, the road to Rach Tram will be like a mud river, and people wishing to be exhausted, but also thanks to the hard road, Rach Tram fishing village is almost still retained pristine features.
The boundary of Rach Tram fishing village is encapsulated from Ham Rong cape to the cape of Lying Buffalo. From the main road to the fishing village to go through the road along the mountain Mr. Chao and then follow the weather by the red line or coast line.
Coming to Rach Tram in this season strong waves, the sea is not green but in return you will enjoy the cool sea breeze.
The first thing you feel when you come here is the absolute peace, no appearance of any traveller. Previously, Rach Tram fishing village is home to the Cambodian people who crossed the border to Vietnam and where the poor people find new hope, hope for a better life. If you pay close attention, you will see the Rach Tram house has no door, or have but never closed. Why? Because the conception of the people here is nothing to lose, living together no one is greedy for anything, so do not be surprised to see TV in front of the house where there is a lot of people cannot see

The first impression when coming to Rach Tram fishing village is the absolute peace
The first impression when coming to Rach Tram fishing village is the absolute peace
Rach Tram beach is not like other places because under the sandy layer there is mud from the jungle in rivers and streams, there are not many rafts of seafood. The main task of the people is to go fishing in the distance. However, in fishing village, you can buy seafood at many times cheaper than Rach Vem or Ham Ninh, which is the crab, squid, oysters, shrimp head and so on. Enjoying a seafood stash and then lie Hammock sings the sea wind is what is more wonderful.
Note: Either stay Rach Tram overnight, or return to Duong Dong before 6 pm because the road in the North Island has no lights, going to night is quite dangerous if not mastered the way.

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