Suggesting 4 streets to discover Phu Quoc the most completely

  Departuring from Duong Dong town center to other places of interest on the island, you will be surprised by Phu Quoc has a lot to discover from easy to difficult. Just a motorcycle filled with gasoline, the journey to find the mystery of the Pearl Islands is waiting for you in front.

1.The Southern Island Way: Ong Doi Cape

Easy to go and most of people choose when traveling to Phu Quoc, the Southern Island will take you through many famous sites such as Tranh stream, Sao beach and so on. 11km Duong Dong, Tranh stream is a place where you can bathe streams , immersed in the clear water, cool, lying on the flat rocks sounded murmuring streams. You can camp, fish and fish, enjoy the spot very interesting.
The South Island also passes through the specialty production of Phu Quoc such as sim or fish sauce. Going to Sim Son, you will visit and learn about how to grow sim, how to turn sims into Phu Quoc specialties such as wine, honey or candy. If you are curious about how to process fish sauce, can visit the home of fish sauce Phung Hung. Facing Phung Hung fish sauce factory is Phu Quoc prison. Historical vestiges of Phu Quoc prison include a statue of the fist - a "symbol of fierce repression and a spirit of patriotism, breaking the bondage of Phu Quoc prisoners", martyrs' cemetery, and the camp. Phu Quoc prisoners were restored.

 Ong Doi Cape become new destinations to discover Phu Quoc
Ong Doi Cape become new destinations to discover Phu Quoc
The next stop is Sao beach, the most beautiful white sand beach in Phu Quoc. From the main road turn left into the small red land about 2km to the "paradise". Sao Beach is a lot of tourists loved by blue sea colour, white sand and year soft wave very pleasant. Walking along Sao beach, under the green coconut trees is an experience that you cannot miss.
A lot of sites such as Khem Beach, Ngu well and the southernmost tip of the nascent Co Do River have been privatized, owned by the resorts and are under construction, and can be combined with canoes to the nearby islands. On the way back to Duong Dong town, if you have time, you can visit the monastery Truc Lam Quoc. From the main hall can cover a large area of Phu Quoc.
The road passes Tranh stream, Sim Son, Truc Lam Quoc Temple, Phu Quoc prison, Phung Hung fish sauce barrel, Star beach, Khem beach, Ngu well and South Island:

2. Northern Island Supply: Ganh Dau Cape - Rach Vem Fishing Village


Phu Quoc Island has a bulge shape to the north, so exploring the North Island will take more time. Take a day out to go all the way, but you will stop exploring many interesting places. The first stop is Ong Lang beach. The beach is beyond the flow of life, pristine and peaceful to strange. Get back to Lang He beach for you to bathe in the blue sea, golden sand, sun to enjoy the breeze from the sea immense.
Traveling along the TL45 road will come to Vinpearl Land, Vinpearl Safari and Ganh Dau. Standing at the Ganh Dau cape, you will find the Cambodian mountains quite close - just like not too far away. On the sea looking at, Ganh Dau nose looks quite interesting that many people think it looks like the mouth of a giant fish.

Rach Vemm fishing village on the island of Phu Quoc
Rach Vemm fishing village on the island of Phu Quoc
Residents in the mouth of Ganh Dau is not much, the fishermen often stop after fishing trips off the coast, making Mui Ganh Oil become more bustling. Next to Ganh Oil is Vic, a small fishing village still pristine.
Located in the north of the island, Rach Vem is a relatively small fishing village, with 170 households, mainly fishing. From the mouth of Ganh Dau through Rach Vem fishing village about 15km along Cai stream - Ganh Dau. The scenery of the fishing village as a harmony of nature, the colour of the sea, the colour of the sky, more cool of the wind will make you extremely comfortable.
The owner of the house will take you off the mainland with a fishing net. After 5 minutes, you stood on the house in the immense sea. Standing on the bridge, you can watch the stars of the sea through clear water. When the famous beaches of Phu Quoc make you feel nothing new, Rach Vem will be the ideal place to meet friends, laughing happily in a scene too peaceful.
The road goes through Ong Lang beach, Vinpearl Land, Ganh Dau Cape, Vic Bar, Rach Vem fishing village.

3. The North Pole Bow: Trau Nam Cape - Rach Tram Fishing Village

Tran Nam Cape is located less than 40km from Duong Dong center. You drive about 30km from Duong Dong town to Rach Tram junction, go 8km further on TL49 with red mudflats, elephant pits, mud holes in Rach Tram fishing village, run 2km sandy road and trekking 1km road beach, swim through a small river to the nose.
Although it may sound difficult, but the scene along the way will help you forget all the difficulties are experiencing. The North Island is the Phu Quoc primary forest reserve, so when you come here you should not be surprised when on the island that forever seen around the forest is dense. That is what makes your North Conquest journey extremely special. Melaleuca trees stand along the way, roots of the island, clusters of orchids at your fingertips or coconut straight to pick up the cool sea breeze to the face ... are what you will see on. this road.

Going 40 km from Duong Dong town center you will go to Trau Nam Cape
Going 40 km from Duong Dong town center you will go to Trau Nam Cape
Inspite of being in the rainy season, the sea here is a characteristic blue, white sand makes anyone see cannot believe his eyes. According to the local people, Phu Quoc has only two beaches with white sand, one is Sao beach and the second one is in the area of Trau Nam. Especially, on the way to the beach to the North, you will find a tree grows on the rocks stretching out to the sea very beautiful and remember not to overlook the opportunity to take virtual live photo offline.
Located on the far northernmost of Phu Quoc Island, Rach Tram fishing village is almost completely separate from everything outside. Previously, when the transport system on the island has not developed, to Rach Tram is the fastest way to train, you will not be lost in the labyrinth of sand, forest road interlaced. Now the roads are much more open, but this place is not for the faint-hearted. Not to mention, if the rain falls, the road to Rach Tram will be like a mud river, and people wishing to be exhausted, but also thanks to the hard road, Rach Tram fishing village is almost still retained pristine features.
Rach Tram beach is not like other places because under the sandy layer there is mud from the jungle in streams and streams, there are not many rafts of seafood. The main task of the people is to go fishing in the distance. However, in fishing village, you can buy seafood at many times cheaper than Rach Vem or Ham Ninh, which is the crab, squid, oysters, shrimp head. Enjoying a seafood stash and then lie Hammock sings the sea wind is what is more wonderful.

4. The way through the forest: Ham Ninh - Mui Da Husband

Ham Ninh fishing village is located on the coast of the East Island, behind the mountain is forest, in front of the immense sea. When the net water, sand beach immense run away is the time when the water flooded the beach, into the jungle. The first impression when coming to this land is that you will admire Ham Ninh Mountain 300m high. Stone stacked stone, moss upstairs create a cloud of smoke between the green mountains and the sea of immense Phu Quoc. If you come here do not forget to choose the Ham Ninh crabs are famous fresh meat, fresh scoop, bring salt to taste salt and enjoy the sea view Ham Ninh beautiful sunshine.
The road from Ham Ninh to Bai Thom, round the Rach Vemm fishing village lasts about 60km. Of which 30km across the forest from Ham Ninh to Bai Thom is the most memorable experience. It took more than two hours to cross this stretch because you would have to go through many sinkholes, streams crossing the road.

Ham Ninh fishing village is an ancient fishing village of Phu Quoc
Ham Ninh fishing village is an ancient fishing village of Phu Quoc
Due to the fact that forest land is very easy to muddy when it rains, in deep subsidence, people have to plant adjacent trees adjacent to the road to run. That is not to mention the big streams you meet on the road. Local people have to make temporary bridges to cross, feeling as if only bear a car through, if one more people, the bridge will collapse immediately.
When going to Thanh Thoi ferry, you will see a crossroads. Go straight to Bai Thom, turn right to ferry terminal, left turn to Highway. This is almost a "hot spot" for wildlife and here you will have a higher chance of seeing mammals than in other parts of the world. The road through this forest is rugged but easy to find, about 20km long with the outlet is the main road to Duong Dong town.
Difficult is but when you pass you will feel very happy as just fighting a deadly life with nature. You can stop tired at Bai Thom, where many seafood restaurants close to the sea very pleasant. If you have time, you can explore the nearby Hon Mot - the land of flowering flowers - a shrinking mini paradise.
From here, the road through the forest is paved beautifully and easy to run, but you can still see the huge trees of Phu Quoc forest along the road. This is the main route will take you to Rach Tram fishing village, Rach Vem, Ganh Dau cape or return to Duong Dong town. The road goes through Ham Ninh fishing village, Tien stream, Da Bac cape, Da Chong cape, Thanh Thoi ferry, Mot island and Thom beach.

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