8 reasons for why you should 'wrapped up' on the tourist route in June

 If you need a reason to carry your backpack on the road in June, do not ignore the interesting suggestions from us

1. Singapore Tour of the Sea Games 28

Arriving in Singapore this June, visitors are fortunate to enjoy a full Sea Games. From June 5 to 16, 2015, the 28th SEA Games will be held in Singapore. The island promises to bring many interesting visitors to the region's sporting events.
Besides the outstanding activities of Sea Games 28, Singapore is always one of the tourist attractions of tourists with a unique culture, beautiful natural scenery and friendly people.

Visit Bangkok for an unforgettable adventure
Visit Bangkok for an unforgettable adventure

2. Bangkok Tourism Season Sale "crisis"

If you are a fan of shopping in Bangkok, then there is no better time for you to travel to the top shopping paradise from the beginning of June to the end of September this year. The largest of the year will be jubilantly taking place across Thailand.
On this occasion, a series of large stores, fashion shops, shopping centers will launch the dream promotions, as well as apply to many different items from clothing, jewelry and electronics. You can satisfy all your shopping dreams at prices that are only a fraction of the original value.

3. The favourable time to travel to Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island in Kien Hai District, Kien Giang, 83 km from Rach Gia by sea. Nam Du is a pristine archipelago, almost without the touch of professional travel services. Perhaps Nam Du is becoming hotter than ever in the minds of young travellers. Just beautiful, peaceful, green, still retain the inherent beauty and warmth, friendliness of the people. There is no reason for you to miss Nam Du on the list until this summer.
Nam Du island could be a good alternative destination for a weekend getaway
Nam Du island could be a good alternative destination for a weekend getaway

4. Coming to Sapa to get out of "summer heat"

The sun woke up on the high, the fog melts gradually in the sun to expose the forest trees, sloping hills and mountains Sapa panorama on a beautiful summer as a majestic picture, full of life, making anyone must be passionate. Arriving in Sapa in June to enjoy the cool weather, get into the air of the highland market, learn the culture of the H'mong, Dao and Tay will be animal tourism. It tastes for the whole family, especially the young.

5. Going sightseeing Ha Long Bay

Being honored as one of Seven New World Natural Wonders by New 7Wonders, Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh is a favourite destination on the summer days for nature lovers.
Standing on the deck of the big wooden ship with the sea waves, or watching the Ha Long Bay from the plane, you will like to dream into discovering the wonderful work of creativity in very special ways. It will be an exciting experience for anyone to discover one of the most beautiful waters in the world.
Ha Long Bay is a very familiar destination with many tourists
Ha Long Bay is a very familiar destination with many tourists
6. Visitting Hue - an ancient and poetic city
Not to bring exciting summer atmosphere, exciting and modern entertainment centers, but imperial capital Hue is always an ideal tourist destination, bringing a lot of interesting summer days. Once back in time with Hue imperial city, visit the palaces, green moss shrines, listen to historical tales and explore the proud cultural traditions of the nation will bring about the historical lessons extremely lively and practical about the land of the old times.
7. Phu Quoc Travel - A place to find the love of sea and island
Owning the modern Vinpearl Land and many exciting entertainment games, Phu Quoc is now not only a resort paradise but also an entertainment paradise with many interesting activities for young people. Besides, the pearl island of Phu Quoc is also a place to preserve many historical relics, reminding the next generation of the nation's heroic fighting history, praising the pride and love of the country.
Phu Quoc has long been fascinated by tourists by the blue sea, cool wind, beautiful sunset
Phu Quoc has long been fascinated by tourists by the blue sea, cool wind, beautiful sunset

8. St Peterburg travel to participate in the White Night

White night is a special phenomenon of special nature of Russia. In the midst of the northern summer, the warm climate will emerge in brilliant light, sparkling in many colours throughout the night. The White Night Festival is organized for local people to admire the magic of the night sky and to participate in exciting activities. St Peterburg is the most beautiful at mid of June when the sun never seems to dive.
The highlight of this festival is the Scarlet Sails event which attracts more than one million people every year. On the Neva River there will be a pirate scene, followed by a colourful firework display and the impressive appearance of the ship with its red sail, based on the famous story of Alexander Grin's Red Sail.
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