With 500,000 VND, what can you do in Phu Quoc?

  Having Phu Quoc tourism is no longer difficult. At any time, Phu Quoc also brings you a variety of experiences and unique.

1. Mud bathing in Galina

With 21 mud pools and 19 luxury spa rooms, Galina Hotel is a great choice for your stay.
Particularly, the mineral mud here is taken from the mine in Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa), processed through centrifugal technology to filter the best mineral sludge, then treated with ultraviolet light and heated to sterilize. It is safe for your skin and health. Mud bath helps to detoxify and purify the body, bringing a smooth skin. Feeling bloated in the smooth mud, enjoy the fresh sea breeze or relax on the bench between the cool green nature.

Galina is the first spa and mud bath in Phu Quoc
Galina is the first spa and mud bath in Phu Quoc
The price of hot mineral mud service is over 60 minutes: 450,000 VND / person

2. Visiting Vinpearl Safari

Stretching on a large area with rich plant systems, Vinpearl Safari meets the rigorous demands of the Safari model. Each subdivision within Vinpearl Safari is a different habitat that is consistent with the biology of each species. You will experience the discovery of Vinpearl Safari by car in a very interesting way, "captive, animal free."
What is more interesting when visitors are watching the moment the lions dance together in the grass, the giraffes toddled the tail across the road, the rhinoceros tucked away under the mud or the mud The image of the water antelope suddenly muffled a sound when listening to the "Lord of the forest" roar in the corner of the forest. The open living space here has created conditions for species to be free expression as well as instinctive behaviour and give visitors an opportunity to experience their true wildlife. All will be impressed both strange and enjoyable for all visitors on the journey to explore this unique animal world.

Vinpear Safari is a open air zoo found on Phu Quoc Island
Vinpear Safari is a open air zoo found on Phu Quoc Island
The ticket price: children under 1m: free; 1-1.4m: 400,000 VND; over 1m4: 500,000 VND / person

3. Discover the Nail Island

At the cost of 500,000 VND / person, you can join the tour to explore the island of Hon Rom island May all day by canoe. Departing from Sao beach or Duong Dong port, the canoe will take you through the nose Ong Do - southernmost Phu Quoc Island and Thom Island to buy seafood, prepare for lunch. Next, you will come to Nail Island to take a bath and take pictures of you. The small beach is only about 300 meters long, but blue sea water and white sand will conquer the most difficult.
After bathing in the sea, you will be transported to another island to dive into the coral. At noon, go to May Rut Trong to eat, relax, bathe and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on the island. In the afternoon before returning to the big island, if you like you can visit the wells of Tien, hear the story of King Nguyen Anh in the past, bathing well cool well. And lastly, if you're lucky, you'll be watching the sunset drop on the sea.

Sitting in the jeep through the primeval forest
Sitting in the jeep through the primeval forest

4. Experience the jeep through the forest

If you are a lover of discovery, you definitely cannot miss the jungle jeep experience in Phu Quoc. This service is not well known and will ensure that you will have many interesting things throughout the journey. With 70% of the island covered with forest, red dirt roads connect with each other as no exit, run through the Phu Quoc forest to explore the green vegetation with star trees, red toad trees sometimes crossing over the burned-out plains of the original, seemingly lost in a fairy-tale place.
Just a smartphone with map application on hand, you can reach Rach Vem fishing village, Rach Tram, Vic Bar where still preserve the true nature of Phu Quoc. Here, you not only feel the friendly, gentle people but also enjoy seafood at unbelievable prices.
Car rental: 500,000 VND / day

Come to Phu Quoc tourists will enjoy a lot of delicious food
Come to Phu Quoc tourists will enjoy a lot of delicious food
5. Enjoy the specialties of the gas station
Arrive Phu Quoc, you definitely have to spend a day just to enjoy the island's specialties. Although it is island but cuisine here is extremely rich not inferior to any place in the land. From typical dishes such as fish cakes, grilled noodles, herring salad, mushrooms, boiled eggs, Ham Ninh crab to specialties can be purchased as gifts such as fish sauce, pepper, simmer That is not to mention the food is very popular local people like Cay Duong goat hot pot, Regina pizza and so on.
Evening is the appropriate time to drop yourself in the romantic cafe of Phu Quoc. There are many options for you, from Rory's Beach Bar, I Love Phu Quoc, to the more quiet places like Leaf, Hello, Itaca Resto, Lantern and so on. All creates a colourful Phu Quoc with many exciting experiences awaiting you to explore.
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